Specializes in the customization of GUNCAD parts and accessories to help builders perfect their 3D masterpieces. We also customize and resell parts and kits from other GUNCAD manufacturers and provide only the highest quality parts.
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"Fry Tech is a true alchemist! Ryan is a great designer and innovative gun maker. Fry Tech is the future and the future is Brujeria!"
- Sabr, Sabrprints
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Custom printing and painting
Our services team specializes in PLA (+, nylon, carbon fiber, etc) custom printing and painting, Cerakote application and sandblasting.
Did you know?
2022 on Pace to See the Third-Largest Number of Guns Sold Since Records Began.
Ignore 2020’s and 2021’s record-shattering firearm sales pace—driven by the historic collision of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread social unrest—and this year is shaping up to be another banner one for the industry, likely eclipsing the mark set in 2019 and vying to place among the top-three in all-time purchases.
As a leader in the industry, we are here to customize your firearm and make it uniquely yours!