Services & Customization
Our services team specializes in PLA (+, nylon, carbon fiber, etc) custom printing and painting, Cerakote application and sandblasting, 3D printer troubleshooting and repair.
Custom printing and painting

Not all guns are created the same nor should they look alike…. Yours doesn’t have to either! Now you can work with a Fry Tech master painter to customize your gun parts and create a masterpiece of your own. Whether it’s a single color or blended, layered shades that you are after, Fry Tech will come up with a custom design that exceeds your vision.

"Fry Tech is a true alchemist! Ryan is a great designer and innovative gun maker. Fry Tech is the future and the future is Brujeria!"
- Sabr, Sabrprints
Custom printing and painting

Fry Tech offers customized paint options for our gun kits as well – at an additional cost. We use only the highest quality finishes from Cerakote that are durable and designed to last.

Did you know?
There are many benefits to applying a Cerakote coating to your firearm.
Cerakote is a specialized coating that can be applied to wood, polymers, metals, and plastics that is composed of a polymer-ceramic compound. The ceramic coating benefits the firearm by providing and enhancing physical components including: Improving the wear and tear over time. Providing abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance Improving strength and durability
Reach out to FryTech and let's protect your firearm!